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Relocation Services


At Global Corporate Relocations we offer our clients a FULL RELOCATION PACKAGE.

Our relocation services include:

Orientation and adaptation for the whole family.

Collection from the airport, guided visit to the residential area, revision of mobility needs, language class search, moving assistance, etc.

House search

We work together with the client to find the perfect home for their needs, renting or buying. Including also the setup of utilities.

School search

Education is key to securing your childs success, let us help on finding the best school for them.

Cross cultural training

New to Spain? get to know what you should expect and learn about the difference in culture and how this can affect you!

financial assistance

Opening and closing of bank accounts, etc..

Domestic assistance or services

Need help at home? Let us find the solution for you. From cleaning, upgrades, basic maintenance or even interior or exterior designs.


Registration of padrón in local town hall, activate NIE, social security and agencia tributaria… we can help you with all of these tasks to save you time and stress.

Furniture Rental

Most clients who import their personal effects understand how difficult it is waiting for the arrival of your personal effects from far off countries, and staying in a hotel with children can be somewhat uncomfortable, and not to mention the cost!

We at Global Corporate Relocations have a great option to help you! You can live in your new home while awaiting the arrival of your shipment and we can supply you with anything, such as a king size bed, bunk beds, sofas, TV's, chinaware, table and chairs etc.

You can even choose the type of furniture you require!

House Cleaning

Once we have packed and loaded the personal effects, most of our clients have to leave the rented property clean and ready for the next family to move in.

Most families want to move onto their next destination as soon as the move day is complete and don't have the time to clean the house.

At Global Corporate Relocations we offer our clients a full house cleaning service both at origin and at your new home at destination.

Registration of vehicles and ITV

All of the procedures necessary for the import of your vehicle so that you can drive it as soon as possible.

Exite programme

Ready to depart? Let us help your departure so that it is as easy as possible. Cancelling of utilities, cancelling town hall registration, international moving, etc.

For more information please send us an e-mail to or call us at 0034 91 809 3758

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