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Even though it is an unlikely event, we recommend all moves should be properly covered by insurance coverage. At Global Corporate Relocations we offer our clients a perfect insurance package that the client can choose from, from a non deductible to a $500 deductible, meaning that you pay less premium, but in the case of a claim the client will be liable for the first $500.00.

Why Must I Insure My Move?

Maritime laws are somewhat complicated!

To give you an example of just one; if the vessel carrying your personal effects got stranded, fire damaged etc, the maritime laws state that the salvage costs are paid by each containers (the shipper) on the vessel! If you insure your personal effects, you are covered. THE UNEXPECTED CAN HAPPEN!

Insurance means peace of mind

How Do I Insure My Move?

We will provide you with a simple user friendly insurance form for you to place the values of your personal effects. It is an important factor to remember to insure the value at the cost of your destination replacement value. Its is VERY IMPORTANT that you don’t under-insure your personal effects as in the unlikely case of a claim, the insurer will only cover the declared value.

What Happens in the Event of a Claim?

All claims are processed directly with the insurer to ensure that claims are handled rapidly and efficiently.

A claim form is available on request.

At Global Corporate Relocations, we only use the worlds top insurers!

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